Hello! I’m Angela, the brains behind this whole operation. I named my business Wonderland because I choose to live my life with a touch of whimsy. I have been actively participating in and learning about the world of social media for what feels like my whole life, and I’ve now turned that into a career. When I realized I would need more skills to make myself marketable, I decided to go back to school to learn all about graphic design and digital communications.

By combining all of my skills, I am now able to help businesses with their online presence, using my creativity to dream up fresh new ways to present my clients to the world. 

But enough about that boring stuff! Let me tell you about who I am. I live in Dallas, Texas. I probably follow more dogs on Instagram than people. Once I met Taylor Swift (see photo!). Sometimes, I wear cat headbands to Taylor Swift concerts (it was ONE TIME!). The three things that get me through a day are podcasts, dry shampoo, and iced coffee. I am a Baylor Bear. I make YouTube videos. I still watch Pretty Little Liars. If I had to give a name to my ~personal brand~ (how very millennial of me) it would be "77 year old teen." But most importantly, I am ready to help you grow your business!