Welcome to Wonderland!

Hi, I'm so happy you're here! I hope you take a minute to look around, but first, let me tell you about myself and about our little space. 

Some things that describe me: Baylor Bear. Taylor Swift fanatic. Iced coffee addict. Creative Entrepreneur. Podcast lover. Graphic Design Student. Food Network fan. #TeamInternet. Instadog lover. {Does any of this describe you too? Let's be friends.}

But let's get down to it.

Are you a creative? Do you love crafting or design? Cooking, writing, photography? Do you want to use your gifts to change the world? Then welcome to your sisterhood. We are building a community just for you.

I have high hopes for this little group. My dream is for Wonderland Design to become a community of creatives; a community where we can gather to make a difference and share our strengths and struggles. Where we can evolve and grow together and create change in our own little worlds. I want us to use our creativity to inspire and engage. And share some laughs. The laughs might be the most important part.

I will be blogging here, about all of my silly little adventures. There will be cooking posts (which should be entertaining, because I'm not so good in the kitchen), crafting tutorials, stories, videos, essays, thoughts and hopes and dreams. I hope you join the conversation. Visit the community page to find us on Instagram. We have fun, engaging hashtags to participate in, and you can find some like-minded individuals to connect with.

I have also created a space for my portfolio of design work, and a place to purchase your own custom logo

If you need anything from me, email me at AngelaLWyatt@gmail.com. I'll be happy to hear from you!